2021 Safe Driving Media Contest

Do you like making videos or writing stories? Are you an aspiring film or media creator and want your work shown state-wide? Do you want to win a $1,000 cash prize?

The Teen Driver Program is currently looking for the next best distracted driving prevention video! The goal is to create content that will help your fellow teens stay safe while driving and riding as passengers. High tech production equipment or famous people aren’t necessary to make great content! Any New Hampshire student in grades 6-12 are welcome to submit content.

Winners will take home up to a $1,000.00 cash prize and bragging rights.  Winning entries will be shared/shown at future Seat Belt Challenges, NH Traffic Safety Conference, on TV, and on social media!

Content should focus on distracted driving prevention.

Submission Deadline: April 30th 2021, Midnight. Any entry submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

1. Entries must be submitted by New Hampshire students.
2. Participants must be in grades 6-12 as of the submission deadline.
3. Participants must submit a Participation Consent, Copyright Assignment, and Release form, which can be found here. Consent, Assignment, and Release Form

First place winner will receive a cash prize of $1000.00. Second Place will receive a cash prize of $500.00. Third Place will receive a cash prize of $250.00.
The cash prize will be paid to the winners within 120 days following the announcement of the winners.
Prize Sponsorship graciously provided by AT&T.

Please submit videos via a YouTube Link or common video file format. Video entries should be no longer than fifteen (15) seconds in length, including credits.
Each submission should include a signed Participation Consent, Copyright Assignment, and Release form. Please submit entries to the Teen Driver Program Coordinator at Christopher.R.Bishop@hitchcock.org

1. Submit a W-9 Form (this includes your social security number per IRS tax requirements), which can be found here. IRS W-9 Form


1. Please create original content.
2. Please do not submit a video entry which has been submitted for consideration in another contest.
3. Please abide by all copyright, trademark, licensing laws for music, images, or any other content you plan to use for your submission. If you wish to use music, art, or images created by someone else, please be sure that you have the owner’s written permission.
4. Please make sure the content is appropriate for all ages. Entries with inappropriate content will not be considered.
5. Please abide by all traffic laws while creating your video.
6. The goal of this contest is to create media which the Teen Driver Program can broadcast on social media, television, used in educational campaigns, etc. Content will be used to educate New Hampshire youth about driver and passenger safety.
7. Winning entries will be decided by the Buckle Up New Hampshire Committee (the “Committee”). The Committee is a group of traffic safety advocates dedicated to making our roads safer for all. Winning entries will be chosen at the next Committee meeting after the Contest deadline. The winning entries will be chosen based on creativity, relevance to distracted driving prevention, and improving state public health.
8. Dartmouth-Hitchcock reserves the right to withhold cash prizes in the event that (i) submitted entries are deemed unsuitable for the purposes of educating the general public on driver and passenger safety, or (ii) Dartmouth-Hitchcock does not receive, in its sole discretion, an appropriate number of entries for the media creation contest.
9. In the event that you win the contest, you will receive a Form-1099 MISC. If you are under the age of eighteen (18), please speak with your parents (or legal guardian) regarding any tax filings that might be required in connection with your receipt of the prize money.
10. Please submit all required forms. Any entry submitted without the forms required by these rules will not be considered.
11. These Contest Rules are subject to the Participation Consent, Copyright Assignment, and Release form, and may be changed at any time without notice to you by Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
12. Dependents of Dartmouth-Hitchcock employees (or its affiliates) are ineligible to submit entries.

Questions about the Contest can be sent to Chris at the email Christopher.R.Bishop@hitchcock.org.