Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is an ever increasing cause of crashes, from fender benders to fatals, on our roadways.  At least 30% of the thirty plus thousand (30,000+) crashes that happen on New Hampshire Roadways every year involve some level of distraction.

When we, especially teens, think about distracted driving, we instantly think of electronic devices.  Although they are a major part of distraction, anything and everything that we might do that minimizes our focus on our driving is a distraction. The 3 major types of distraction are visual, manual and mental. Eyes off the road, hands off the wheel and/or our minds off of our driving translates to an increased risk of crashing.


3 kinds of distraction


Research by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute shows that texting while driving increases our crash risk by 23 times. That is because texting involves all 3 of the major distraction types.

The following info-graphics provide some understanding of how teens rate things that distract them and the unfortunate distracted driving crash rate for teens.