Seat Belt Challenge


The Injury Prevention Center at Dartmouth Hitchcock, in partnership with the New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety, has revised the state’s seat belt challenge for the 2018/2019 school year. As in past years, the primary goal of the challenge is to further educate teens about the importance of using their seat belts each and every time that they are in a motor vehicle.

The 2019 challenge will be held at Southern New Hampshire University on May 15 and a fun, interactive event focused on seat belt use and related teen highway safety education will be conducted by ThinkFast Interactive, a national touring group committed to educating teens. Prizes will be awarded to the teens on the winning school’s team and a trophy will be presented for display by the winning school until next year’s challenge.

Registration materials, will be sent out to New Hampshire High Schools. If you are interested in participating in the challenge and would like more information, please contact Chelsie Mostone at 603-308-2253 or at
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