New Hampshire Teen Driver Program

Mind on the drive. Hands on the wheel. Eyes on the road.

teen driver with instruction

teen driver with instruction

The New Hampshire Teen Driver program develops, organizes and promotes the sustainability of a comprehensive injury prevention plan that focuses on traffic safety for novice youth operators. The program envisions the state of New Hampshire that sustains safe driving through addressing leading traffic safety and other injury issues based on statewide, regional, and national data. The program promotes evidence-based practices in injury prevention.

The Youth Operator Program Coordinator works diligently during each school year to develop teen highway safety programs for New Hampshire high schools. These responsibilities include educational material, recommendations in approaching specific traffic safety topics, researching, planning and carrying out programs related to events, and so much more.

Novice teen driver have a higher crash risk because they have minimal driving and life experience. Because of that, they have less experience to draw upon to help them understand the true risks of the driving experience. Compound that reality with distraction, impairment, and fatigue and their crash risk becomes significantly higher than the crash risk of the average, older driver.

our vision Vision:

New Hampshire youth drivers make safe choices while in a motor vehicle.

our strategy Strategy:

Develop a robust traffic safety prevention by maintaining best practice and up to date resources while providing educational material to target and reduce crashes, and unsafe habits of New Hampshire youth drivers.

our mission Mission:

To prevent injuries and address leading traffic safety concerns for youth drivers throughout New Hampshire through promotion of evidence-based practices.

our goals Goals:

Our goal is to reduce the amount of crashes and prevent crashes for New Hampshire youth drivers.

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