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Healthy Children
Healthy Children
The ThinkFast Interactive event is an evidence-informed program that is fun, innovative, and has experiential entertainment that is non-intrusively. This program exposes participants to important educational information about a custom safety awareness topic which is chosen by the program sponsors.1 Examples of the topics include consequences of underage drinking, substance misuse and abuse, bullying prevention, traffic safety promotion, and healthy relationship skills.1 The ThinkFast Interactive team combines custom awareness content with cutting-edge technology, age-appropriate entertainment, elaborate staging, and a charismatic host to create an unforgettable experience.1 Audience Response Technology (ART) (wireless keypads, seen in figure 1) is used to connect the audience to the message and promote team work.1

The ThinkFast Interactive goal is to create an exciting and captivating program that will keep the audience’s attention, focus, and enthusiasm from start to finish!1

Imagine this being at YOUR school

The program lasts approximately 1 hour and includes the entire school (freshman-seniors). The equipment set-up time takes approximately 2 hours, and the tear down process takes approximately 1.5 hours. The ThinkFast team provides all their own equipment. Their full set up is approximately 40’ x 15’ x 12’ an auditorium (with a stage) or a gymnasium is the best place to host this program; as shown below.

ThinkFast InteractiveThinkFast Interactive ThinkFast InteractiveThinkFast Interactive

How it Works

The Youth Operator Program Coordinator, Lexi Bly, from Dartmouth Health in the Injury Prevention Center partners with the ThinkFast Interactive team in creating specific curriculum around New Hampshire traffic safety. As participants enter a transformed space, provided by the school hosting, the students immediately notice the elaborate staging, intelligent lighting, and professional sound system playing mainstream music. In a swift and efficient manner, Lexi and the ThinkFast team help to organize students into groups of 3-5 players per team and instruct the audience on how to use the multi digit ART wireless keypads. With a cue to the DJ to start the music, the entertaining host fires up the audience and kicks off the traffic safety awareness event. This fast paced, battle-of-the-wits competition is set up just like jeopardy. There are several rounds where the teams can earn points with a speed round at the end. The speed round will take one representative from the two top-scoring teams, the winner from the 20 second speed round, and the dance competition winner. The first team to get to 500 points, during the speed round, will win and is designated as the Champion team. The champion team will win $100 in Amazon gift cards (each card having a $10.00 value).

The best part about this program is it provides a safe, fun, and relaxed environment for team work with their peers. The experience encourages teens and young adults to bond with their peers while discussing the very serious traffic safety awareness and prevention content.


We do ask that all teens participating in the event take the pre/post survey. This survey provides us with overall confidence in knowing if the program is effective in improving subject knowledge, attitudes, social norms, perceptions of behavior control, and overall behavior intentions. Please see the Survey Sample here.

check out this video View the ThinkFast Interactive Video

Will you be the next school?

Please contact Lexi Bly if you are interested in booking this FREE event for one day at your school!
This program is Sponsored by the Injury Prevention Center at Dartmouth Health Children’s in collaboration with New Hampshire Office of Highway Safety

Lexi Bly,
Youth Operator Program Coordinator
Suite 200 46 Centerra Parkway
Lebanon, NH 03756
Phone: (603) 308-9282
Lexi Bly,
Youth Operator Program Coordinator
Suite 200 46 Centerra Parkway
Lebanon, NH 03756
Phone: (603) 308-9282

ThinkFast Interactive
ThinkFast Interactive

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