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What is the New Hampshire Teen Driver Program?

It is a program of the Injury Prevention Center at Dartmouth Health. The Youth Operator Program Coordinator develops, organizes and promotes the sustainability of a comprehensive injury prevention program focusing on traffic safety issues for novice youth operators.

There is collaboration with the New Hampshire’s Office of Highway Safety, Dartmouth Health Children’s, and New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Injury Prevention Program and many other partners to address leading traffic safety and other injury issues based on statewide, regional, and national data. In addition, promotion of evidence-based practices in injury prevention.

Meet the Youth Operator Program Coordinator

Meet the Youth Operator Program Coordinator

Lexi Bly, MPH, at the Claremont NH Back to School Fair on August 27, 2022

Lexi attended Keene State College for her undergrad where she received her Bachelors of Health Science with a specialization in community health and health promotion in May of 2015. She continued her education at the University of New England for her graduate program where she received her Master’s in Public Health degree in May of 2022. Alexis worked as a community health worker for more than five years in multiple primary care offices in New Hampshire assisting community members with social determinants of health. Her willingness to help and coordinate resources shows that she cares about individuals, families, and community members. She became our Youth Operator Program Coordinator in November 2021 and strives to support, educate, collaborate, organize, and promote evidence-based practices in injury prevention.

The Youth Operator Program Coordinator promotes the following:
1. School outreach and educational programming
2. Student to student initiatives
3. Online education & resources
4. Community outreach & education
5. Public service announcements & media campaigns

Recent events that the Youth Operator Program Coordinator participated in:
Derry Festival, Derry, NH
• Back to school, Claremont, NH
• Old Homes Day

welcome to derry fest

welcome to derry fest

If you have an upcoming event in your town and/or would like to know more about NH Teen Driver information please contact
Lexi Bly,
Youth Operator Program Coordinator
Suite 200 46 Centerra Parkway
Lebanon, NH 03756
Phone: (603) 308-9282

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